Rashid’s Story

Hello, my name is Rashed and I am currently the HR Site Operations Leader. I initially applied for a Financial Analyst intern position but found myself given the opportunity to join the HR team. At that time, I did not know anything about HR, but thought I should listen to what the position offers in terms of Job Scope, and if I could fit in within this role.

During my interview process, I learnt a lot about the role I will play within HR for the company, and thought to myself this could be the start of a new Career Path. What was beneficial about joining P&G, was the different opportunities I had to change functions in the later future. 

I started as an intern for 3 months, and was offered a full time position following by success. During my internship I became familiar with all the companies policies, Company’s Principles, Values & Principles (PVP’s), and internal HR topics such as Diversity & Inclusion and Vibrant Living; 2 important projects that I am leading currently.

The office environment has made my P&G experience worthwhile. The people at P&G are all very helpful and friendly. The company offer’s many Flexible Work Arrangements to accommodate my Work/Life Balance, especially since I was doing my MBA at the same time. 

Finally, P&G has taught me a lot. It is a school of knowledge, as I would like to call it, and every day is a new learning experience. The Company invests heavily in the growth of their employees, ranging from trainings (off-site, on-site, self-trainings), On-boarding, and most of all responsibility to take ownership of the role one is playing.

This journey has been one of the milestones of my life, and I hope to continue adding value to the company for the long future and continue to grow my capability.